Candidate Experience Survey

Enhance your Candidate Experience with Psyft CES


Why focus on Employee Satisfaction?

Candidate experience reflects a candidate's feelings and thoughts of going through the company's recruitment process. A Candidate Experience Survey is conducted by a company's HR professionals to improve and optimize their recruitment process.

Dashboard for Real Time Results

Find out how your candidates felt about your hiring process and gain insights into the process


Why conduct Candidate Experience Survey?

  • To gain insight into your brand awareness
  • To analyze effectiveness of your recruitment process
  • To get feedback in your recruiters or hiring managers
  • To learn how others perceive your company and its culture
  • To offer better candidate experience

Dashboard for Real Time Results
Dashboard for Real Time Results

What's the benefit of a good candidate experience?

  • Increased Conversions
  • Superior Employer Brand name
  • Increased Referrals
  • Reduced Churn and Better Retention


Why Psyft Candidate Experience Survey?

Customer Centric Metrics

Candidate Centric Metrics

Psyft CES covers themes that are most relevant to understand candidate experience.

Mobile Friendly Survey

Mobile Friendly Survey

The surveys are fully mobile friendly, people can complete these with ease, anytime & anywhere.

Multilingual survey

Multilingual survey

We provide support for both Indian & foreign languages.

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