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Most organizations want happier, more productive employees. However, they struggle with the journey towards this goal. People are not placed in the roles where they can thrive. The roles themselves are not defined clearly. Entire teams are resigning and no one can tell why. Employee feedback is desired but collecting it sounds like an enormous task. When feedback is collected it is not analyzed correctly. GreenThumbs was founded to plug these very gaps.

We are a company focused on people success. We build and deliver products and services that help organizations become more human centric and thereby, more profitable and sustainable.

GreenThumbs about us
GreenThumbs about us

Our Story

GreenThumbs was founded in 2012 as a traditional, broad based HR consulting firm. Over the last decade we have evolved into a nimble, tech-enabled consulting company. While we have put out some great SaaS solutions, our USP remains the unmatched human support that we provide to all our clients – big and small. That and our readiness to evolve as the world of work evolves.


"We started out as a team of two and today we’re working with the best companies across the world. We’ve come a long way and yet it feels like we’re still learning and growing. Every new engagement evokes the same sense of excitement. I guess that’s a barometer of our passion for creating a great customer experience. We keep challenging ourselves on the innovation required to stay relevant, and make sure we provide our clients with what they need to succeed."

- Ankur Manchanda, CEO & Founder     

"We find our work deeply fulfilling. What we do enables people to lead happier, more productive work-lives. Every time we place someone in a role and see them thrive or one of our surveys helps a company fix issues that impact hundreds, if not thousands, of employees, we feel proud of what we’ve built."

- Neha Manchanda, Director & Co-founder     

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