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$25 per Subject
$2500 for 100 Subject(s)
Unlimited Subjects

Raters Up to 15 Unlimited
Standard 45 objective questions/items, under 10 broad dimensions & 2 subjective (open – ended) questions.
Questionnaire with Multiple Forms When you want to show different questionnaires to different sections of survey population with the same survey, you can create two or more forms of the Survey Questionnaire.
Parameters Standard Custom, Unlimited
Languages Supported English Only Multiple
Report Standard Custom Detailed Report
Group Report
Limited Individual employee level data not provided in the report, reporting is done at an aggregate level. But because the survey is managed directly by the client, we cannot guarantee 100% anonymity to the participants.
Full Anonymity Guarantee 100% guaranteed data anonymity. Individual employee level data not provided in the report, reporting is done at an aggregate level and the survey is fully managed by Psyft, with no direct involvement of the client.
Customer Support Phone + Email Full Technical Support
Participant Dashboard Every survey participant gets their own dashboard. Subjects can see who is going to review them and can also nominate Raters. Raters can view and keep track of all the reviews they need to complete. This helps avoid confusion and missed ratings, especially when a single Rater is nominated to review more than 2 subjects.
Subjective Questions
White Labeling White labelling allows you to use our surveys just like your own. Only your branding appears on the survey and the URL carries your domain name.
Net Approval Rating Indicates the percentage of Raters who approve of a particular Subject.
Survey Project Management Psyft will fully manage the Survey end-to-end, from Set Up, & Distribution to Implementation and Follow Up.
Self Serviced Fully Managed
Pre-Survey Briefing Sensitize participants on the survey objective, the philosophy, and its benefits and how to complete it.
Post Survey Debrief Helps understand & appreciate feedback and learn how to use the findings in leveraging strengths and remedying blind spots.
Action Planning / Coaching One-to-one sessions to address any specific feedback received and see it in the right positive spirit and/or undertake SWOT analysis of subjects.